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Welcome to The Daily Kind, where we help you stay inspired to raise humans ready for anything.

I'm Kirk Wheeler. It's March 29th, 2021. I'm so glad you're here.

April arrives in just a few days, and when it does, we'll start it off with our new value of courage is the root. But for the next few days, we're still talking about truth being the soil. And when it comes to truth telling there is no one we should listen to more than our truest friends.

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.”― Robert Louis Stevenson

For this episode, I'm going to keep it short. When we think about our journey through this life, for most of us, the images that come up in our minds are times that we've spent with those closest to us. And if you're like me, it's not just the good times that come to mind, sure that can be a part of it, but it's also those times when we needed someone to be there for us, someone we could speak openly with and who we were willing to listen to because we trusted and valued their thoughts and ideas. An honest friend can make all the difference.

So here's my quest for you today. Not a request, quest. Think about the honest friends in your life. Think about where you met them. Think about a time they were honest with you when no one else was, or a time when you were able to share something with them that no one else knows. And then share one of those stories with the humans you are raising. By elevating the value of friendship with them, they will be more likely to value those kinds of relationships in the future.

So what's the takeaway? (VO: I'm glad no one can take away the time I have spent with friends.)

How can you help the humans you are raising understand that one of the biggest benefits of friendship is not just having someone who you can have fun with. that is super important, but it's also about having someone you can be open and honest with and expect the same thing in return.

I hope you find this helpful. Be sure to take care of yourself today and drink some water. And remember there is no perpetual parenting playbook. We're all learning as we go. And with curiosity as our map, and a few honest friends, we can be ready for anything.

So good luck. You've got this. I'm rooting for you.

With gratitude,