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Welcome to The Daily Kind, where we help you stay inspired to raise humans ready for anything.

I'm Kirk Wheeler. It's March 4th, 2021. I'm so glad you're here.

What do you do when someone tells you something that contradicts what you already think you know is true? Do you immediately start to build up walls to protect your current belief system? I know I do this all the time. But if we're able to put in place some simple questions, we may be able to let our guard down and learn something we didn't know before, because the deeper we dig, the truthier the soil gets

“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” ―Flannery O'Connor

This week I learned something that I wasn't sure was true. First, I will tell you what it was that surprised me, but more importantly, I wanted to share why it's still bothering me even as I record this.

If I were to ask you who creates money, what would your answer be? Take a minute and think about it.

My best guess is that you said some version of the government or the central bank, and this is independent of whatever country you may live in. Most people, myself included until this week, think that the government prints money and that that's how it gets created. But what if I told you, the only way money gets created is when banks lend it into existence.

And that if everyone in the world paid all of their debts today, there would be no money. There'd be no money supply. And if your head is spinning a little bit, I totally understand, mine was too. But what is bothering me is not that money is lent into existence. It's how long it's taking me to process this new idea.

My first response was what that can't be true. So I let it go. But then it kind of got ahold of me and I wanted to know a little more. So I started doing some research and when I looked a little deeper, it actually seemed like it might be the case. But again, I let it go and thought maybe I just didn't really get the concept yet, because if this were true than many other ideas I have around money and how it works might fall apart under the weight of this new information. To be honest, I'm still processing this and will need to learn a little more before I can fully wrap my head around it, but it is feeling truer and truer to me.

How's that possible? I think it's because after my initial reaction, when my protective defenses came up, I started getting curious, and then I started to do the classic trust, but verify, and now I'm in what might be called the, tell me more phase of discovery. And with something like this, it might take a few days to move through these steps, with other things could take months and others, maybe just a few short minutes, but I was reminded yet again this week that my perception of the world around me is still flexible. It's still evolving.

So what's the takeaway? (VO: I was hoping to take some money away from this. )

How can you help the humans you are raising continue to be curious in the face of new information that contradicts what they think they already know? And here's the tough one, even when you may have been the source of their original beliefs. You can help them get through their natural defenses by reminding them to take a tip from improv comedy in their minds.

They need to be thinking, yes...and. And if they're able to speak directly to the person sharing the idea, they can ask a simple question. Tell me more about that. By opening up their minds, to be receptive to new ideas, even if in the end they prove not to be true. They've just dug a little deeper, the soil is a little truthier. And there'll be better able to move forward, knowing that the knowledge they have is a little closer to true.

I hope you find this helpful. Be sure to take care of yourself today, drink some water. And remember there is no perpetual parenting playbook. We're all learning as we go. With curiosity is our map, and a willingness to say, tell me more about that. We can be ready for anything.

So good luck. You've got this. I'm rooting for you.

With gratitude,