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I'm Kirk Wheeler. It's January 4th, 2021. This is the third episode of The Daily Kind. I'm so glad you're here. Each month we're using the values of Kind and Curious as the basis for our conversation. So let's get started.

Ignorance is the source.

"It's possible to both know. And not know something"  -Emily St. John Mandel.

When I was 11 years old, my family lived in England. I grew up as an Air Force brat. And my dad liked to go pheasant hunting, he would take me with him. And it was on one of those trips in the middle of some field that I got my first opportunity to drive a car.

We had a Brown Datsun 210. And in case you're wondering what a Datsun is, Nissan phased out the brand in the mid 80's. I still remember him showing me where to put my hands and what to pay attention to.

And the first thing I did was to try and run the car straight into the nearest tree I could find. But after that small mishap, I was able to steer the car where I wanted to go with relative ease. Maybe you've had the same experience. There was something you thought you had a deep level of ignorance about, but once you tried it, it came much easier than you thought.

I'm not saying that I knew all the ins and outs of driving as soon as I got behind the wheel, but it did feel like I'd done it before. And I had. I'd started on a Big Wheel. And then graduated to a bicycle. And then a car.

I had been navigating three-dimensional space with my body and other objects since I was able to move.

But I didn't have a conscious awareness of the underlying process, or my brain-body connection. It was much more intuitive.

It may sound like a small example, but many times we actually know what we need to do. It's possible we both know and not know something. Our instincts are normally a fairly robust way to navigate the world. Except when they're not.

But we'll talk about that tomorrow.

I hope you find this helpful.

Just remember there is no forever guide book to parenting. We learn as we go.

So good luck. You've got this. See you tomorrow.