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I'm Kirk Wheeler. It's January 3rd, 2021. Welcome to the second episode of the daily kind. I'm so glad you're here. Yesterday on our first episode, we talked about what the values of kind and curious are.

Each month we're going to use these values as the basis for our conversation. So let's get started. Ignorance is the source.

False knowledge. Is worse than ignorance. -Layla Gifty Akita.

One of the challenges of the world we've built is knowing what's true. It's not a new challenge. People have always been deceptive. But even when people aren't trying to be deceptive, sometimes they have the wrong information. And if we build up a wealth of knowledge, that's wrong, that can actually be worse than ignorance. So one of the challenges we face is learning to distinguish good information from bad information And at this moment in time our challenge could not be more relevant, or difficult.

We face more information coming at us from every direction than anyone in human history. And trying to navigate what is true and  what is false. is a daily struggle. The way I approach this as a parent is to share the way I think about things. I didn't always do this. I definitely fell into the trap of trying to tell my kids what was true and what was not. But as soon as they leave the house for school or find their way to Wikipedia, all doors are open. So I started to share with them what resources I use to fact check. Am I looking at opposing opinions? It is so easy to get caught in your own filter bubble, and it takes intentionality to break out of it.

One of the lessons that I'm still learning, is that the more we share how we approach things, what our struggles are, what our wins have been, the better we prepare our children to think for themselves.  They learn much more from what we do than what we say.

By learning ourselves and accepting failure as part of the process, we will continue to grow, and help our kids do the same. I hope you find this helpful. Just remember that there is no forever guidebook to parenting. We learn as we go, the world is constantly evolving.

But you've got this. Good luck. See you tomorrow.