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“Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise." ― Horace

This is the beginning of the story of Kind and Curious. These stories are meant to provide more insight into the ideas behind the company and let you follow along from inception.

Kind and Curious is a business idea that first bloomed in my life 5 years ago. I purchased the domain in 2015. I did nothing with it. Then in 2018 a burst of activity arose around what I thought it might become. No real progress was made. Now here we are in 2020. In short. The time is now.

Raise Humans Ready For Anything

The tagline for this endeavor did not take long for me to work out. It came in the burst of activity in 2018 and now as we are all experiencing the turmoil of uncertainty and change, it may come as no surprise that I wish I had put more effort into this earlier.
But the more I have thought about it, the more I have realized  the contribution I will be able to make in this space is not so much how to raise humans ready for anything, but more around keeping people inspired to show up everyday to do the work of raising humans ready for anything.

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We help you stay inspired to raise humans ready for anything

As a parent of 2 children (Now ages 18 and 12), I have often struggled to not only live up to my own expectations of the parent I would like to be, but I have had a hard time when people tried to tell me how to raise my children. So I want to be clear from the start of of this journey that my goal is to provide inspiration and tools, not directives. The world is complicated and the journey of moving a child from wonder to wisdom is a lifelong pursuit. There is no clear path. Uncertainty is amplified each and everyday.

What is Kind and Curious?

The best way to answer this is to ask these two questions.

  1. Who’s it for?
  2. What’s it for?

Who’s it for?
Kind and Curious is for anyone who is working to raise another human being. It is for anyone who is responsible for the daily work of showing up to guide the development of another human being on the path to self reliance. You might be a parent, a grand parent, an aunt or an uncle, a sister or brother, a step parent, a foster parent, a friend, or some other definition unmentioned in this brief list.

What’s it for?
Kind and Curious is being built to help you stay inspired to raise humans ready for anything. To do this we will begin with a  focus on symbols, words, and tools. The website will be a place where you can find the best products to help you on the journey. There will be a daily email called “The Daily Kind” that is intended to  provide short bursts of inspiration each day.  There are what we are calling provisions to amplify symbols and words. There may be podcasts and videos and communities to further our collective understanding of the symbols, words, and tools.  

(Bonus questions)

Why am I building it?
I love the book by Simon Sinek “Start with Why” and believe it does a wonderful job of providing a way to think about why a business exists in the first place. Here is how I am thinking about this for Kind and Curious.

  1. Why - We imagine a world where everyone is able to meet the challenges of uncertainty and flourish.
  2. How - We use kindness as the language and curiosity as the map to build products and services that help you stay inspired to raise humans ready for anything
  3. What - We are building a website where you can find the best curated products, we are creating inspirational content to keep you focused on what matters most, and we are building a community of people who have a shared sense of mission and purpose around these ideas.

What are we selling and what are you buying?
With any business I believe it is important to know 2 things, what the business is selling, and what you as a consumer are buying, as these are very often two distinct things. So in an effort to be as transparent as possible I believe that Kind and Curious is selling hope and you are buying transformation and you will see this reflected in everything we do.

How will we make money?


Our mission is to help people stay inspired to raise humans ready for anything and the time has come to begin.

This is dedicated to the two humans I have been entrusted with. Wyatt and Elodie, you inspire me to be a little better everyday.

Next up... Our Symbol.